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September Ernemann Report

The “summer sales season” is coming to an end and closings are starting to post from July/August contracts. There’s more to come before I can give some more definitive conclusions but for now it’s safe to say 2022 has been a local real estate year with two personalities…click “read” to continue!


August Ernemann Report

There is still quite a bit of activity on the horizon for the summer “sales season” in the Aspen Snowmass real estate market and there are already some fascinating trends shaping up for 2022. Read on for my latest observations…


July Ernemann Report: Mid-year Update

I always look forward to the beginning of July, it’s an exciting time in Aspen and it’s also an opportunity to see how the local real estate market is shaping up midway through the year. Read on for my latest observations and report…


June Ernemann Report

And here we go…summer in Aspen Snowmass! Food and Wine weekend is about to kick off the packed summer lineup, town is already buzzing and it seems like another busy real estate summer is already on its way.

It feels to me like we are on the cusp of a shift in the local real estate market, and in fairness I don’t know exactly what the “shift” will translate to but here are my latest observations…


May Ernemann Report

Offseason in Aspen Snowmass (if there is such a thing anymore) always brings a good time to reflect, rejuvinate and gear up for the summer season ahead. I find this to be a great time of year to see how the local real estate market is shaping up, with four months behind us there’s usually just enough “data” to get a sense how this year compares to last year (and prior years).


April Ernemann Report

The Aspen Snowmass real estate market is on the move…although not everything continues to trend upward, most notably the pace of sales has started to show the first signs of slowing since July 2020. Read on for a few observations from the front lines through the end of the first quarter this year.


March Ernemann Report

How long can this last? That’s the question I’m hearing more often these days regarding the Aspen Snowmass real estate market. What’s interesting to me is that simple question can be interpreted to apply to several aspects of the current real estate environment.


March Madness

March is traditionally a busy month in Aspen Snowmass for tourism, skiing and real estate. This year appears to be on track for a great month of skiing and perhaps a crucial time for determining how the rest of the year plays out for the local real estate market.


February Ernemann Report

The Aspen Snowmass real estate market continues to experience a tug and pull of limited inventory paired with strong buyer demand. While it’s not sustainable over a long period of time to have price increases of 20%+/- per year that is the current reality. I am starting to see some signs of a shift in the market but it’s too early to know if price increases will taper in the near future.